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Yun-Tin Shaking Table

The YUN-TIN shaking table bears such outstanding features of good operation curve, smooth and flat shaking deck, resistant to acid, alkali , moisture and deformation.

Rubber Linned Shaking Table

Since the successful development of the rubber shaking surface, it has been favored by users worldwide for its large surface friction coefficient , high beneficiation yie…

Fiber Glass Shaking Table

The shaking table production ability is related to such factors as feeding property, particle composition, operation condition and mineral quality. While producing concen…

Three-Deck Shaking Table

The three-deck shaking table is a new product that has been continuously summarized and improved in the long-term production practice in gravity beneficiation and single-…

High Efficient Shaking Table

It is one of the traditional product improved and perfected in the long-term production practice in mineral gravity beneficiation . The equipment is mainly

6-S Shaking Table

6-S Shaking table which is also called table concentrator, it's effective in processing precious and base metal, rare metal and non-metallic minerals, widely used in sepa…