Tungsten Tailing Recycle

The grade of the ore sample has such element percentage as  αWO3=0.32% and αSn=0.048%. αCu = 0.38%

Copper Tailing Solution Recycle

In recent years, many new high-efficiency centrifugal beneficiation equipments have been introduced

Lead-Zinc Tailing Solution

TPC-800 vertical continuous vortex centrifuge can effectively separate them and obtain better grade and recovery.

Gold Tailing Recyle

Many gold mines tailing worldwide  are now recycled by gravity process methods used for gravity recycling

Carbide Slag Recycling Solution

The coarse particle slag  is lifted by bucket elevator  and loaded into the silo, and are evenly fed into the vibrating screen

Sand Gold Recycling

The TPB-1250 Vertical Intermittent Vortex Centrifuge concentrator has been proven to be an effective device