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JT1515-2 Sawtooth wave Jigger

JT1515/2 sawtooth jig is a single-row double-chamber down-saw jig jig. This machine is developed

LTA Series Down-Phulsing Jigger

LTA series is kind of sine- wave down-moving jigger with one row and two or three chambers.

LTP34/2 Side-Moving Jigger

LTP34/2 jigger is kind of side-moving sine-wave jigger with two chambers. It is easy to operate with its small

TP30 Coarse Jigger

The TP30 jig has a maximum particle size of 30mm. It has the characteristics

LTA55/2 Jigger Machine

Diaphragm jig is divided into three types, upper pulsating diaphragm jig, below pulsating cone diaphragm jig

JT Series Saw-tooth-wave Jigger

Our Saw-tooth Wave Jig is a new type of energy saving and high efficient gravity separation equipment